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Learn To Read Crochet Patterns: Lesson 4


Crochet Diagrams [3]


Another week, another crochet lesson! For the fourth post in the Learning to Read Crochet Pattern series [3], I’ve created a mini follow-along exercise for you.

Crochet diagrams are like a universal language. As long as the symbols stay the same, you’ll be able to follow any crochet instructions. No matter what you call the symbol, in any language, it will still mean the same thing.

In this exercise [4], I’ll be showing you a mock sample of a crochet diagram and throwing you some curve balls to see if you are catching on. You’ll see the work in my hands, along with the diagram at the bottom of the video. And I’ve provided you wit a key to the crochet diagram. Work through the video once, then I challenge to watch it a second time without the sound. Can you follow the chart and direction without my aid?

For free patterns and more information about my free crochet patterns course, you are invited to visit my website [5].

What’s the most recent thing that you have learned about crochet? Share in the comments!