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Learn To Read Crochet Patterns: Lesson 6


Learn To Read Crochet Patterns [3]In lesson 6 of the Learning to Read Crochet Pattern Series [4], I’ve created another mini exercise for you to follow along. You can review previous lessons [5] here on Stitch & Unwind. Start from the beginning with Lesson 1 [5] to learn about yarn ball labels and just to Lesson 3 [6] to discover how different stitches are symbolized.

This is the last lesson in working with rows. You will learn how to do increase and decrease stitches using the diagram. I have ramped up the difficulty level a bit more by introducing more symbols. Learn how to work crochet  stitches such as half crochet (double), treble crochet (triple), and shell stitches. After you’ve watched the tutorial all the way through, replay it with the sound off to see if you can follow along without my instruction or prompts.

For free patterns and more information about my free crochet patterns course, you are invited to visit my website [7].

Next up in lesson 7, we’ll go over the final practice diagram. Make sure you’re up to speed on your chart skills because this one is going to be fun and challenging!

Till next week, happy hook’n!

What is your favorite crochet stitch?