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Let’s Crochet the Rainbow


Can you believe it’s almost May? Spring is just zipping by and Summer will be here before we know it. I, for one, am very excited. While I’m anxious for the warm weather, seasonal food, and longer days, there’s one thing that I’m truly revved up about: summer thunderstorms.

My family would always gather on our front porch and listen to the thunderstorm roll it’s way into town. With the crack of lightening and the clash of thunder, what’s not to love. The thrill of watching the storm come in and then listening to the soothing rain fall is great, but I’m also a big fan of what appears after a storm: a rainbow. It’s one of the most beautiful sights in nature. There’s nothing better to top off a summer storm than that bright arch of colors soaring through the sky.

But alas, they fade far too quickly…until now! With my hook and yarn I can easily create a rainbow that will never ever fade. It’s the perfect way to add a pop of refreshing color to your home for the summer. Let’s crochet the rainbow with these beautiful patterns!

Crochet-the-Rainbow [3]


Colorful Rainbow Patterns:

  1. Rainbows and Hearts Blanket [4] Rainbowghan-Crochet-Throw [5]
  2. Moroccan Tile Rainbowghan [6]
  3. Over the Rainbow Crochet Afghan [7]
  4. Rainbow Diagonal Afghan [8]
  5. Colored Stripes Afghan [9]
  6. Rainbow Delight Baby Afghan [10]
  7. Rainbow Waves Throw [11]
  8. Colorful Crayon Afghan [12]
  9. Rainbow Granny Afghan [13]
  10. Rainbowghan Crochet Pattern [5]
  11. Rainbow Days Afghan [14]
  12. Granny Stripes Blanket [15]
  13. Bev’s Old Rainbow Blanket [16]
  14. Rainbow Baby Blanket [17]
  15. Rainbow Reduction Granny [18]
  16. Rainbow Afghan [19]
  17. Ripples of Happiness [20]



What colors do you enjoy crocheting with in the summer?