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Mile a Minute Crochet: 7 Crochet Afghan Patterns


I don’t know about you, but when I crochet, I like to work on patterns that are made in pieces. They are generally easier to make, and the patterns are repetitive, which means I can get in a rhythm. This is why I like granny squares [3], and this is why I like mile a minute crochet.

Like granny squares, mile a minute pieces are worked up separately and then joined together. Rather than squares, however, mile a minute crochet makes long strips of crochet fabric that are joined along the edges to make a much larger project.

I love these patterns because I don’t have to lug the whole project around all the time if I don’t want to. I can just throw the right yarn and a hook in my bag, and without too much trouble, I can be working on an afghan. No purse of mine is large enough for an entire afghan, so I definitely need the smaller pieces.

Mile a minute does mean needing to know how to crochet two pieces together [4], but that can be done as you go, or it can be done in one fell swoop at the end. The nice thing is, all your pieces will be done; it’s just a matter of seaming them up.

If you’ve never made a mile a minute crochet pattern, these Mile a Minute Crochet: 7 Crochet Afghan Patterns [5] would be a great place to start. Pick out some yarn that makes you smile and feels soft against your skin, and make yourself a lovely afghan!

Mile a Minute Crochet

1. Marvelous Mile a Minute Afghan Pattern [6]Marvelous Mile a Minute Afghan Pattern [6]

This is a super easy pattern that will impress anyone who visits your home. You can make it as large as you want, too, since there’s nothing saying how many strips you make or how long you make them. I love when patterns are customizable because I can make them really “me”!

2. Touch of Red Mile a Minute Throw [7]Touch of Red Mile a Minute Throw [7]

This pattern has bold, red stripes running down the edges of each strip, adding some fun interest to a classic pattern. However, if you don’t like red or if it will clash with your home décor, you can easily change out the red for a color that will make your living room pop. Personally, I would change out the red for navy blue because I’m a sucker for navy blue stripes!

3. Stars and Stripes Afghan [8]

Stars and Stripes Afghan [8]

The mile a minute crochet method works well for a patriotic pattern because it lends itself to stars and stripes. Not only that, but this is a beautiful, patriotic afghan pattern that looks crisp and professional. This afghan would be great thrown over the back of the couch any time of year, but especially during patriotic holidays, like 4th of July [9].

If you want some crochet basics, this free eBook on Basic Crochet Stitches and Free Beginner Crochet Afghan Patterns [10] will serve you well!

4. Apple Mile a Minute Afghan and Pillow [11]

Apple Mile a Minute Afghan and Pillow [11]

It is always fun to crochet images into our crochet patterns, whether they’re animals [12], flowers [13] or, in this case, food. This pattern is great for the best activity of the day—napping—because it includes both an afghan and pillow pattern. You will not regret making this pattern after you find out how cozy it is! Or, if you have a good friend who is a teacher, it could be fun to make them this apple pattern as a gift.

5. Odds and Ends Afghan [14]

Odds and Ends Afghan [14]

This pattern is great to bust your yarn stash [15]! I know I always seem to have bits and pieces to use up, ends from other projects. Why not make something cool out of them? Or I guess, not cool, but warm since it’s a snuggly afghan! You could also make these pieces over time as you have odds and ends and then put them together into one large project.

For more stashbusting patterns, check out this collection of Stashbusting Crochet Afghan Patterns [16].

6. Floral Petals Mile a Minute Afghan [17]

Floral Petals Mile a Minute Afghan [17]

This mile a minute crochet pattern draws from the colors of soft flower petals to make a lovely afghan. You could do all one petal color, or you could do a different color for every strip, really giving variety to your pattern. If I were to make this pattern, I’d probably focus in on soft yellows and greens. If made the right size, this could also be an adorable baby blanket [18], made to match the nursery.

7. Fast Irish Panels Throw [19]

Fast Irish Panels Throw [19]

This afghan is Irish in the lace pattern [20] but also in the green edging along each strip. This is definitely the most challenging of the mile a minute patterns, with intricate lace spreading out to every edge. But, you’ve got to love how gorgeous the final result is!

I hope you enjoy these patterns and the mile a minute crochet method.

Happy Crocheting!

What other patterns do you prefer to work up in pieces? Let us know below in the comments!