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10 Crochet Prayer Shawls


Do you know someone who is ill and may need their spirits lifted? Prayer shawls [3] are becoming a very wonderful way to show your love and support to a friend or relative who you think could benefit from your gesture of care. Crocheted prayer shawls have become increasingly popular [4] as gifts to the ones we love. People facing difficult medical challenges feel wonderful when they wrap themselves in a shawl that someone spent time creating for them. Crocheting the shawls with love in your fingers is not lost on the recipient. Just the fact that another person would take all of this time and effort to give such a personalized gift is incredibly meaningful to the recipient. The shawls are a beautiful reminder of all of the people around the recipient who are thinking about them and supporting them through this challenging time of need.

10 Crochet Prayer Shawls [3]

10 Crochet Prayer Shawls

Personal prayer shawls, which wrap around your shoulders, are special gifts. These shawls are also nice for adding an extra layer of warmth inside and out. While they help keep the recipient a little warmer on the outside, they also are great for warming a person’s insides. This support can be critical for the recipient to stay motivated to face their medical challenges and fight on another day. We have some wonderful crochet patterns for prayer shawls we would like to share with you. To learn more information about prayer shawls and to receive a free downloadable eBook, click here [5].

10 Prayer Shawl PatternsIt's a Sunny Day Shawl [6]

  1. Sunset Shawl [7]
  2. Say a Little Prayer Shawl [8]
  3. Pink Ribbon Prayer Shawl [9]
  4. Rosary Prayer Shawl [10]
  5. Clover Heart Crochet Shawl Pattern [11]
  6. Blessings Ombre Shawl [12]
  7. It’s a Sunny Day Shawl [6]
  8. Pocket Prayer Shawl [13]
  9. Gentle Solace Prayer Shawl [14]
  10. Comfort Crochet Shawl [15]

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