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New Patterns on the Block: 18 Color Block Patterns


Legos aren’t the only things you can build with blocks (but don’t worry, we haven’t left those beloved toys out of this collection). Color block patterns are bold, eye-catching, and modern—the perfect way to spice up your crochet afghan patterns [3], home decor, or personal fashion statements. They use solid colors to create clean, sharp contrasts, often with brilliant jewel tones or striking primary colors. However, if you have fallen in love with this style but want an alternative to the colorful crochet patterns [4] because of your home’s interior design or just for a change of pace, there are so many ways to use this layout. Although color block patterns do look quite stunning in vibrant or bold colors, they work just as well well with softer, more subdued combinations. The contrast in the solid squares is enough to make the patterns stand out, while still using pastels, earth tones, or deep blues and reds.

We all grew up with blocks—I, for one, quite enjoyed plowing through my brother’s towers pretending to be Godzilla (there is a lot of video evidence against me, unfortunately). Color blocks are an exciting trend because they modernize such a basic, universal design. From bags to blankets, these patterns showcase the endless potential for creativity when it comes to color combinations and simple yet powerful designs.

New Patterns on the Block [5]

New Patterns on the Block: 18 Color Block Patterns

Building Blocks for the Best Home Decor

Color block patterns can work their magic everywhere. From crochet dishcloth patterns [6] to elegant basket patterns [7], every item matters when it comes to rounding out your home decor [8]. These patterns will incorporate the best of both worlds when it comes to your decoration: modern design while maintaining the handmade appeal of crochet.

  1. Color Block Afghan [9]Squared Off Crochet Pillow [10]
  2. Color Blocked Granny Square [11]
  3. Color Blocked Afghan [12] (shown)
  4. Lego Block [13] – join these for an afghan or leave them to use as toys!
  5. Color Block Placemat [14]
  6. Two for One Cable Stitch Crochet Dishcloths [15]
  7. Color Block Crochet Basket [16]
  8. Colorblock Crochet Baskets [17]
  9. Squared Off Crochet Pillow [10]

Color Block Fashion

Be bold with your fashion choices this season by minimizing the complicated patterned designs and maximizing the color impact. By focusing on solid combinations of different hues, you will get exciting contrasts and stark lines that will really amp up your outfits. This collection features all types of crochet clothing patterns and accessories [18], from scarves to tops to bags.

  1. Multi Colored Block Scarf [19]Comfy Squares Color Block Cowl [20]
  2. Color Blocked Co-Ed Scarf [21]
  3. Comfy Squares Color Block Cowl [20] (shown!)
  4. Crochet Summer Colorblock Top [22]
  5. Day at the Seaside Tank [23]
  6. Simply Cute Blouse [24]
  7. Lego Block Bag [25]
  8. Little Button Bag [26]
  9. Frozen Inspired Bag [27]

Hooked on color block afghans? Check out even more options in Rockin’ the Block: 12 Color Block Crochet Patterns [28].

Which will you make—home decor or clothing?