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How To Organize Your Knitting and Crochet Tools in Unexpected Ways


Save some money by using what you would otherwise just toss into the recycling bin or trash into FREE organization tools [3], and you’ll have more money to spend on yarn!

I have always loved creating and crafting [4], but I have not always had the disposable income needed to pursue my hobbies.  However, where there is a need there is a way!  Or as some may say “necessity is the mother of invention.”  In my case, it was “I want, I want, I want!” situation.

organize your knitting and crochet tools in unexpected ways [5]

It started innocently one day after doing some chores: I was about to toss the empty cleaning and disinfecting wipes container into the recycling bin when it dawned on me that I had a pretty sturdy holder in my hands, almost the same size as that skein of yarn I was fighting my cat for the previous evening.   So I removed the label, cleaned it up a bit and popped in my skein of yarn. Bingo! It was a perfect fit.  Plus, the slit in the top was perfect for keeping my yarn from tangling.  I was so pleased with my discovery, and immediately put my new yarn holder into my knitting bag.

1guest 2guest [6]

Later on, when I was taking my knitting bag with me on a road trip I was fussing over the clunkiness of my large bag.  It was holding my new yarn holder and working project, and it was just too much.  Eventually, I started to just carry around my ongoing project with the yarn holder.  I felt like looked a little silly, and the cylindrical container was getting cumbersome as well.  I needed a way to organize my knitting [7]. Again the light went on in my brain, and I decided to make a carrier for my new yarn holder.  I recycled the sleeve of an old long-sleeved t-shirt that had been relegated to the rag bag into a nifty holder.  I cut the sleeve to length and cut a corresponding circle for the base.  I stitched the circle to the bottom of the tube on my sewing machine.  I attached a piece of cording long enough to hang the holder from my shoulder.  And viola! I now had a travelling yarn holder with room to tuck in my hook or needles.


The recycling did not end there.  I found that the tall chip cans make great knitting needle holders.  All it took was a bit of cleaning and some sticky back shelf liner that coordinated with the decor in my room.


My last recycling tip for today is using empty pill containers to store all those little and important tools we need when doing needle work.  I use them to hold stitch counters, yarn bobbin holders, row counters, and other small items. 5guest

For more of my thrifty ideas please stop by my blog: AnnMakes [4] .

Do you have any thrifty tool organization tips?  Share with us!