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29 Patterns for Pet Clothing and Accessories


Do you like animals more than people?

It’s okay to admit it – we’re all friends here. Sometimes I find myself preferring animals to other people, and I don’t even have a pet! If you love spoiling your furry friend, we’ve got a whole bunch of pet crafts [3] for you.

Knit Bow Tie Dog Collar [3]

Give your pup a touch of class with an elegant bow tie collar.

29 Patterns for Pet Clothing and Accessories

Below you’ll find a list of 29 Patterns for Pet Clothing and Accessories. From dog sweaters to cat toys to pet beds, there is something here that every pet owner can use. Use this guide to find plenty of ideas to crochet, knit, or upcycle a gift for your best friend.

Crochet Patterns for Pets

With the exception of food and water, you can pretty much crochet anything that your cat or dog needs. Check out these fantastic crochet patterns [4] to make a dashing new sweater for your dog. Or you can make your kitty happy by crocheting a toy that will keep him busy for hours. Or treat your pet to a fluffy new bed to sleep on. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Blue Bells Cat Toy [5]

Your kitty will have hours of fun with this crochet toy!

  1. Tabby Chic Cat Bed [6]
  2. Crocheted Dog Sweater [7]
  3. Love an Animal Bed [8]
  4. Pomp A Doodle Collar [9]  You need to see this!
  5. Candy Corn Pet Sweater [10]
  6. Jennifer’s 20-Minute Pet Rug [11]
  7. Rainbow Dog Sweater [12]
  8. Puppy Dog Throw [13]
  9. Cheeky Mice [14]
  10. Bohemian Crochet Dog Bandanna [15]
  11. Deliciously Cute Hot Dog Coat [16]  So cute you’ll want to eat him up!
  12. Blue Bells Cat Toy [5] (pictured)
  13. Kitty Turtleneck Sweater [17]
  14. Doggy Shrug [18]
  15. Clip-On Poo Bag Keeper [19]  Yes, it’s what it sounds like

More Pet Crafts

Think that’s it? Think again! Here are even more cute pet crafts [20] you can make for your furry friend. Cat tents, graduation caps, neckties – we’ve got it all here! Find your next pet project below and get started today.

Shaggy Dog Rug [21]

Your dog will love falling asleep on this comfy rug.

  1. 3-Minute Sock Toy [22]  Super simple
  2. Upcycled Dog Collar [23]
  3. Pet Graduation Caps [24]
  4. Knit Bow Tie Dog Collar [25]
  5. Hooded Knit Coat for Dogs [26]
  6. DIY Cat Tent Tutorial [27]
  7. Shaggy Dog Rug [21] (pictured)
  8. 39 Patterns for Pet Clothing and More Pet Crafts [3]
  9. Doggy Bamboo Bed [28]
  10. Puppy Necktie [29]  This is adorable!
  11. DIY Flea Repellent [30]
  12. T-shirt DIY Dog Toy [31]
  13. Pet Treat Pail [32]
  14. Decorated Dog Leash Holder [33]

Let us know: What have you made for your pet?