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9 Printable Granny Square Afghans

Ah, the good ol’ granny square. While the classic square lives on, it is now very common to see variations on the square. Crochet squares can become more lacy and lightweight. Some have flower centers and others have circular centers. These variations keep us interested in crocheting more and more squares for different blankets. There’s always time to learn something new, right?

These printable granny square afghans [1] will be great additions to your pattern collection. Most of these patterns are actually crochet throws but the nice thing about crochet squares is that you can make these afghans as big or as small as you want. It turns out that granny square variations are very versatile. (Now say that 5 times fast).

printable granny square afghans [1]

1square [2]Crochet Refreshing Throw [2] – This pattern is sophisticated in design and looks great in pastels. I bet it will look wonderful in bold colors too.

2square [3]Blue Lagoon Throw [3] – We love the shades of blue used in this pattern to create this bold and water-inspired design.

3square [4]Square Upon Square Throw [4] – Most granny squares are joined together after each square is finished. This crochet throw will teach you the join-as-you go method for easy crocheting.

4square [5]French Country Throw [5] – If you’re looking for a spring cottage look, this pattern is just for you. Blue, white, and yellow will add a cheery mood to your home.

5square [6]Woodcliff Throw [6] – This is an intermediate crochet pattern but if you’re looking for variety, this is your pattern. Different sized crochet squares and rectangles will show off your crochet skills.

6square [7]Granny’s Classic Throw [7] – This granny square throw is as classic as it gets. We love the colors chosen to make this pattern and the yarn is super soft, trust me [8]. However, this afghan also makes a great stashbuster too.

7square [9]Sunscape Throw [9] – Understated pastel colors make a subtle rainbow effect in this throw. Each motif is just a single color so you can always rearrange them to form a new pattern.

8square [10]Blue Squares Afghan [10] – This crochet pattern is just simply beautiful . The tassels at each corner give this afghan an elegant quality.

9square [11]Random Squares Throw [11] – Contrary to its name, this afghan arranges each square in a quite uniform diagonal.


BONUS! Don’t forget, we have granny square eBooks [12] too! Add these patterns to your collection today.

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11 Granny Square Crochet Patterns for Square Crochet Projects [13] – If you crochet, then you are probably familiar with the classic granny square. We’ve combined our love for granny squares and crochet projects into the ultimate guide for crocheting granny squares.

How to Crochet Granny Squares: 9 Free Crochet Afghan Patterns eBook [14] – Learn how to crochet beautiful Granny Squares with this collection of 9 free crochet afghan patterns.

What’s your favorite granny square pattern?