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The Quickest One Skein Patterns You’ll Ever Knit


I have two kids, who happen to both be on summer break, so that means that I am always on the go. We are always traveling from one place to another, headed to one activity to the next.  Of course, that cuts into my knitting time, but the perfect solution is to have quick one skein knitting patterns [3] on hand.  Not only are the easier to transport, but they are also easier to pick up and put down as needed.  Now, while the kids are running in the playground, I can keep an eye on them and sit in the shade with a great small, easy knitting pattern [4]. I have collected some of AllFreeKnitting [5]‘s most popular one skein knitting projects for you below, which I have actually made quite a few of myself – they are solid “go-to” patterns for me.

The Quickest One Skein Patterns You’ll Ever Knit [6]

Fun and Easy One Skein Knitting Patterns Sun Kissed Knit Bikini [7]

Sun Kissed Knit Bikini [8] – Yes, it’s a quick pattern.  Yes, it’s a quirky pattern.  Yes, it’s beautiful.

Classic Cotton Tie [9] – You will love making this knit tie pattern for the special guy in your life.

One Skein Shoe Rug [10] – This is a great pattern to use up that odd skein of yarn that you bought just because the color “spoke” to you.

One Skein Knit Kitchen Patterns

Easy Everyday Dishcloth [11]

Peach Paradise Mop Cover [12] – Reusable kit mop covers can just go in the wash!

Easy Everyday Dishcloth [13] – Dishcloths are my standard go-to travelling pattern and make great last minute gifts.

Knit and Pearl Dishcloths [14] – You can never have TOO many dishcloths! Give these useful and unique ones a try!

Lightning-Fast One Skein Knit Gift Ideas Bamboo Stitch Wristers [15]

Diagonal Rib Coffee Cup Sleeve [16] – I love knitting these all year and then stashing them away for last minute gift giving, stocking fillers or teacher gifts.

Bamboo Stitch Wristers [17] – I have so many little wristers because I love them so much. They keep my wrists and hands warm but still allow my desterity.

One Skein Woodsie Gloves [18] – These knit fingerless gloves are just about perfect in every way.

Friday Night Headband [19] – Ladies, let’s face it – sometimes we just don’t want to do our hair.  Knit headbands like these help!

Free Knit Baby Patterns

Sunshine Knit Baby Socks [20]

Baby’s First Hat [21] – Every new mom loves a knit hat for their fresh bundle of joy.

Pink Rose Toddler Vest [22] – Lightning quick knitting pattern for that lightning quick tiny human.

Lace Baby Blanket Wrap [23] – Your baby will be at his/her happiest if they’re wrapped up in this blanket!

Sunshine Knit Baby Socks [20] – How adorable are these yellow socks for a baby? These will surely keep their tosies nice and toasty!

One Skein Knit Cowl Patterns + More! Easy Ribbed Woodland Scarf [24]

Grand Canyon Sunset Shawl [25] – This stunning shawl really is made with only one skein of yarn, I promise.

Easy Ribbed Woodland Scarf [26] – A free knit scarf pattern that would look great knit in any color.

Jumbo Stitch Chunky Cowl Patterns [27] – Chunky yarn makes a quick knitting project even quicker.

Toasty Warm Knit Neck Warmer [28] –  I love neck warmers because the ends of long scarves always tangle me up.

Rib Cable Cowl [29] – Cowls are the perfect one skein pattern, and this free knit cowl pattern is beautiful.


What’s your favorite one skein pattern to knit?