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Readers En-Gauge Winner: Your Favorite Fiber Animal



Happy Tuesday everyone! Yesterday we asked you the weekly Readers En-Gauge question. The idea of Readers En-Gauge [3] is we ask a question and you answer it. Not only can your answer inspire the rest of the yarny community, but it also inspires us to give you a crafty prize.

Monday’s question was:

What is your favorite yarn animal and why? [4]

Many of you answered alpaca [4], which is oh-so-soft. But apparently there is another animal that is just as cozy!

Ritainalaska answered:



Congratulations Ritainalaska! You get the crafty prize of the week. Please contact us [5] with your information so we can mail it to you.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this Monday’s Readers En-Gauge [3]. Be sure to check back next week for more inquisitive fun!