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15 Reasons to be Thankful for Knitting


Reasons to be Thankful for Knitting [3]The holidays are traditionally a time to be thankful, a time to appreciate your loved ones and the things that make your life light up.   As you take time to appreciate the important people in your life, you can also think about the way smaller things and activities, like knitting or crafting, have positively impacted your life.

Around Thanksgiving, we asked our readers why they were thankful for knitting.   We had a great response–the answers ranged from the humorous and simple to the truly inspiring.  We loved your responses so much that we’ve decided to share our favorites with you!


15 Reasons to be Thankful for Knitting

It keeps me sane! – Julia B.

It pairs well with any kind of wine! – JoAnne M.

I’m so thankful! I started knitting the first week of January to help me keep busy in the evenings so I wouldn’t eat out of boredom. I’ve done a low carb/no sugar weight loss program and have lost 92lbs so far… Yeah Me!! – Maureen S.

My nan used to knit my sister and me jumpers and cardigans when we were little. She can’t knit anymore as her eyes and hands are so bad, so I am knitting her a blanket to keep her warm this winter. – Allison G.

Knitting is a prayer for the hands – Diane G.

Knitting is the most relaxing/rewarding combination there is to ease stress and feel accomplished and fulfilled when a project is finished .. especially when I give it away! – Lou L.

It’s relaxing, creative, productive, fun, and you can create great gifts! – Julie A.

I take my knitting everywhere, it keeps me from stressing out when things get on top of me, and it produces gorgeous items – Linda N.

Because through knitting, I have met and made friends with the most amazing community of knitters. – Susan H.

It helped me quit smoking! – Jenny K.

I feel grounded and connected- only work with natural fibers. I am so grateful that I was taught to knit at the age of 4. A creative, relaxing outlet! – Diane H.

Because I can give so much to my Military family while they’re deployed. – Michelle C.

It kept me from having a breakdown after I lost the ability to walk. It gave me something to do and made me feel productive. Even if I couldn’t walk 5 feet, I could still do something. – Brianna L.

I am giving something of myself to those I love. This is very fulfilling to me! – Becki W.


Why are you thankful for knitting?