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Red Heart’s Filligree Yarn is Great!


Hello I’m Mary Kathryn [3] from Crochet Chiq and I am extremely excited to share Red Heart’s [4] newest yarn Filligree! Have you noticed a trend in knit and crochet designs lately? There seems to be more free form and non-symmetrical pieces. I love the use of non typical yarn as yarn! Red Heart’s Boutique line has some awesome yarns.

My all time favorite being Changes [5] because it has 6 different textures in one ball and Rigoletto [6] because it swirls and you can crochet a darling scarf in less than 10 minutes!!! However, today I want to go into detail about Filigree. I haven’t seen one like this before and the ideas coming to my mind on how to use this are endless. Check out this quick video vlog [7] to see a few of the ideas I had. Regardless of the yarn don’t be held back by the suggested hook or needle size, have fun and experiment! It is however, a good idea to use the suggested size first.

The first photo I want to share with you is what this yarn looks like when you chain it with a very large hook (Q or larger) and is just a simple chain but I love the way it looks and think it makes a great necklace as is or would be great for purse handles on a ruffle style bag!

filigree-chains [3]

The second photo shows how I made blooms using G Hook . Basically I chained in the ladder skipping random amounts of spaces, and then wrapped it around and took a piece of yarn to sew it together. Red Heart has an extremely cute Shawl [8] and I love the idea of crocheting in both ends!

filigree-bloom [3]


What do you think about this yarn? Does it excite you, or is it not your cup of tea?

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And now that you know a little bit about this yarn you can make the Chiq Crochet Filigree Scarf [10]!