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Riding the Color Wave: Seascape-Inspired Crochet Patterns


As summer approaches, most people start to think about how they’ll spend time outdoors. A day at the beach filled with sunshine, sand, and seashells sounds good to me!

If you love the ocean [3] as much as you love crocheting, you’ll just adore these amazing Seascape-Inspired Crochet Patterns. The soft blues, deep greens, pastel purples, and dark grays in these flowing crochet patterns [4] will make you feel like you’re under the sea.

Seascape-Inspired Crochet Patterns [5]

Crochet scarves

Forever Young Infinity Scarf [6]
This stunning scarf looks like it was plucked from the ocean!

Spring, summer, winter, fall—you can wear a scarf during them all! Summer is not a popular season for crochet scarves [7], but they are great for bringing with you to an evening bonfire or barbecue. That way, you can stay warm on a cool night without having to bring a heavy jacket.

  1. Ocean Air Scarf [8]
  2. Summer Nights Cowl [9]
  3. Everyday Crochet Cowl [10]
  4. Ocean Breeze Crochet Wrap [11]
  5. Amazing Grace Hooded Scarf [12]
  6. Chunky Butterfly Scarf [13]
  7. Unforgettable Scarf Wrap [14]
  8. Frozen Flowers Scarf [15]
  9. Seascape Scarf Crochet Pattern [16]
  10. Drops on the Window Scarf [17]
  11. The Kelly Cowl [18]
  12. Forever Young Infinity Scarf [6] (pictured)
  13. Wonderful Winter Infinity Scarf [19]
  14. Crochet Scarf with Chevron Pattern [20]
  15. Beautiful Broomstick Lace Scarf [21]
  16. Cushy Cowl and Fingerless Mitts [22]
  17. Thick and Quick Chain Scarf [23]
  18. Big Blue Crochet Scarf [24]

Crochet baby blankets

Nana's Favorite Baby Blanket [25]
The soft colors of this soft seaside blanket are perfect for your little one.

What better way to show your love for a new baby than with a soft and comfy crochet baby blanket [26]? These seascape patterns will have your little one floating off to dreamland in no time.

  1. Ocean Waves Baby Blanket [27]
  2. Nana’s Favorite Baby Blanket [25] (pictured)
  3. Baby Blue Blanket [28]
  4. Sea Shell Stitch Baby Blanket [29]
  5. Bumpy Baby Blanket [30]
  6. Crocodile Crochet Baby Blanket [31]
  7. Lullaby Baby Blanket [32]
  8. Chevron Baby Blanket [33]
  9. Sea Blue Baby Afghan [34]
  10. Two-Color Ripple Waves Baby Blanket [35]
  11. Road Trip Baby Blanket [36]
  12. Naptime Ripple Baby Afghan [37]
  13. Teal Round Ripple Blanket [38]
  14. Basket Weave Baby Blanket [39]

Crochet afghans

Shell Stitch Blanket [40]
Your family will love snuggling under this adorable afghan.

You’ll love adding these ocean-inspired crochet afghans [41] and blankets to your living room decor. Whether striped, rippled, or solid, there’s a pattern here for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Brighton Blanket [42]
  2. Spellbinding Crochet Ripple Blanket [43]
  3. Laid Back Blue Crochet Blanket [44]
  4. Crochet Along Afghan Sampler [45]
  5. It’s a School Night Child’s Blanket [46]
  6. Honestly Easy Tunisian Crochet Afghan Pattern [47]
  7. V Stitch Crochet Ripple Afghan [5]
  8. Midnight Garden Crochet Afghan [48]
  9. Shells and Stripes Crochet Blanket [49]
  10. Grandma’s Favorite Wobble Afghan [50]
  11. Sand Dollar Dream Afghan [51]
  12. Spiral Afghan [52]
  13. Weekend Weather Afghan [53]
  14. Shell Stitch Blanket [40] (pictured)
  15. Pretty Picnic Crochet Throw [54]
  16. Ombre Stripes Blanket [55]
  17. Comfy Chevron Crochet Blanket [56]
  18. Calming Seas Blanket [57]

Crochet Granny Squares

Seashell Granny Square Pattern [58]
This cute granny square pattern will get you in the spirit of summer!

Get started crocheting with these fun crochet granny squares [59]. Once you get the hang of crocheting with these easy projects [60], you can turn your squares into blankets, rugs, scarves, pillows, coasters, and more!

  1. Seashell Granny Square Pattern [58] (pictured)
  2. So Serene Granny Square [61]
  3. Little Dahlia [62]
  4. Blue Corner Striped Square [63]
  5. Budding Into Spring Square [64]
  6. Granny Square Throw [65]
  7. Simple Shell Stitch Square [66]
  8. Aztec Striped Granny Square [67]
  9. Palm Tree Granny Square [68]
  10. Sandbar Square [69]

What is your favorite thing about the ocean? Let us know below in the comments!