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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: 20 Scarves to Knit in One Night


Can you believe that it’s Christmas this Friday? I’m filled with my usual yearly mixture of excitement and panic – excitement about seeing my family and friends, of course, and panic because I still have people left to buy for on my shopping list. Fortunately, there are plenty of last-minute DIY Christmas gifts [3] out there, and if you’ve got a way with knitting needles, it’s super easy to work up a knit scarf pattern [4] or a cowl in no time at all! Here’s a list of 20 knit scarf and cowl patterns, each of which can be done in a matter of hours – so even if you wait until Santa’s on his way, you can still finish all your gifts before Christmas morning.

One Night Knit Scarf PAtterns [4]T’was the Night Before Christmas: 20 Scarves to Knit In One Night

Knit Scarf and Cowl Patterns

It’s going to be cold for the next few months, so this time of year you can’t go wrong with a DIY knit cowl [5] or scarf. Whether it be man, woman, or child you’re gifting for, they’ll appreciate the gift of not freezing whenever they go outside!

Arm Knit Patterns

Even if you’ve no skill with a pair of knitting needles, that doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sidelines. Arm knitting [16] is a super quick and easy way to whip up a scarf or cowl in no time at all! Give it a shot – it’s easy  to master, and you can work up these awesome patterns for everyone on your list.

How many gifts do you have left on your list?