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Simplest Crochet Dishcloths Ever

Since recently moving into a new home I’ve paid more attention to detail. Not just in my home, but when I go to my friends’ houses and even family members I’m constantly studying the way they decorated and designed. One small detail I’ve kept my eye on is how they set up the kitchen. Do they have plants on the windowsill? Do they have colorful dishcloths [1] and towels nicely folded on the counter tops? Even though these are small things I still like to get ideas for my own home and of course I’ve seen just that: dishcloths, towels AND plants.


Something I haven’t tried my hand at yet is crocheted dishcloths. Although they are super easy to work up I just haven’t had the need to make any yet. All the things I’ve crocheted in my years are cowls [2] or baby items [3] for my daughter. Today that’s going to change. I’m in search of the simplest crochet dishcloths so I can spend minimal time working up these crochet patterns in order to get my new home in order. And let’s get real, even if I don’t use these dishcloths to actually clean the dishes, they’ll still look cute and add a little detail to the kitchen.

Simplest Crochet Dishcloths [1]

Simplest Crochet Dishcloths Ever


  1. Your Favorite Crocheted Dishcloth [4] – You’ll love the ridged texture
  2. Not Your Grandma’s Dishcloth [5] – Bright colors make these super fun
  3. Cheerfully Simple Dishcloth [6] – These will certainly brighten up the kitchen
  4. Crunch Stitch Dishcloth [7] – The tightly textured fabric will scrub those dishes clean
  5. Cotton Candy Dishcloth [8] – Variegated yarn gives you a whole new look
  6. Bright Stripes Dishcloth [9] – The contrasting colors are brilliant
  7. Sun Catcher Dishcloth [10] – These are great for practicing your stitches
  8. Multi-use Kitchen Cloths [11] – Use these for a variety of things
  9. Rainbow Sherbet Dishcloth [12] – Add a homemade touch with this fun dishcloth
  10. Tie Dye Circle Dishcloths [13] – The more colors you use, the better
  11. Blue Ribbon Dishcloths [14] – Award-winning dishcloths should be in the kitchen
  12. Fabulous Fish Dishcloth [15] – Everyone is bound to love this design
  13. Particularly Pink Crochet Dishcloth [16] – The loop is great for hang drying
  14. Granny Square Berry Dishcloths [17] – The bold design will add a pop of color
  15. Heavy Duty Dishcloth [18] – Easily rely on the durability of this dishcloth


Do you actually use your crochet dishcloths or are they just sitting pretty?





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