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Slip Into Comfort: 6 Knit Slipper Patterns:


For those of us who live in northern climates, there’s nothing quite like the exquisite horror of walking around your house barefoot in the winter months, especially if you have a hardwood or tiled floor.  While many knitting patterns [3] are aimed at keeping friends and family (and knitters, of course) warm during winter, we can forget that the cold is fully capable of invading our houses.  Finding a good  knit slipper pattern [4] and creating your own pair of cozy slippers is one of the best ways to bring your knitting into your everyday life.

Pulling on a pair of hand knit slippers [4] is perhaps the best way to stay warm in the cold months.   Socks, especially the flimsy type typically found at most stores, don’t hold a candle to the insulating powers of knit slippers.  Now that the holidays are over, you can indulge yourself and knit something just for you.  Let’s be real, knit socks are the perfect cure for cold feet.  Try out one of these free knitting patterns [3] and slip into something a little more comfortable.
Slip Into Comfort: 6 Knit Slipper Patterns [5]

Berries and Cream Slipper Socks [6] – These are the perfect slip-on slippers for casual wearing.  Choose your colors wisely and these slippers could be worn by anyone.

Cozy Cabled Slippers [7] – For those who want to knit something a little more involved, these handsome slippers will keep your feet nice and warm.

Cranberry Slipper Boots [8] – Knit with chunky yarn, these thick and quick slippers will fly by.  These durable, warm slippers are a must-knit for people in cold climates.

Grandma’s Quick Time [9] – You’ll be surprised at how quickly these simple knit slippers come together.

Knit Mary Slippers [10] – These light slippers are perfect for people who like to wear something around the house, no matter what the weather is like.

Lightning Fast Slippers [11] – Beginning knitters will love this felted slipper pattern.  The slippers knit up fast and the felting process disguises any mistakes.

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How do you stay warm in the winter?