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Seriously Spooky Crochet Afghan Patterns

Well, September crept up on us pretty quick and before you know it, October will be here. What does that mean? Halloween of course! Which means you better get out your crochet hooks and try some of our very favorite crochet afghan patterns for Halloween [1].

I’m still a little unsure about the whole Halloween craze. I mean, I don’t like scary movies, I scare easily, and I never can come up with a good costume. But maybe if I crochet some Halloween afghans, I’ll get in the spirit! Are you going to crochet any Halloween costumes this year? I’ve seen some pretty cute ones out there. You should check out the Halloween costume patterns [2] on AllFreeCrochet [3]! Maybe if I crochet one of the mask patterns [4], I’ll feel a little more peppy about this holiday.

Even still, I would love to curl up with a mystery novel under a crocheted afghan [5]. Naturally, this afghan needs to have a certain feel to it. A light and lacy afghan [6] just won’t do this time. This one has to be eerie, dark, and cozy. Okay, maybe it doesn’t have to be that scary. But it can definitely be Halloween themed!

Have you seen this Halloween Afghan [7]? The pumpkins for each square are different, and you can customize this afghan to be mostly spooky, cute, or a mix of both!Halloween Afghan Free Pattern [7]

These patterns are just what you were looking for, I can guarantee it. Because who doesn’t love jack-o-lanterns? Plus, you can crochet a Spiderman Round Ripple Afghan [8] that will have kids running around with the afghan as a cape! Try this pattern and feel just like a hero.

  1. Halloween Throw [9]
  2. Pumpkin Afghan [10]
  3. Spiderman Round Ripple Afghan [11]

Don’t be a square, try one of these Halloween square patterns. Think a little outside the box, er, square, and have some festive fun! Add some Spider Web Squares [12] to your next afghan for a truly clever effect.

Spider Web Square Free Pattern [12]

  1. Pumpkin Patch Square [13]
  2. Witching Hour Square [14]
  3. Nightmare Square [15]

I think I’m ready for Halloween, how about you? What will you crochet for Halloween?

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