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Straight Needle Knitting: 30 Easy Knitting Patterns


When I first started knitting, figuring out how the needles worked together to create knits and purls was hard enough for me. I couldn’t even think about moving beyond straight needle knitting into knitting in the round.

If you’re a beginner like I was, you may be in the same place. Or maybe you’ve been knitting for a while now, but you’ve become attached to your straight needles, and want to keep giving them a workout. Or maybe you’re a pro at knitting in the round, but want to return to your roots for a pattern or two.

There’s a whole world out there full of patterns for knitting in the round [3], and there are a lot of great patterns. But, I get it. It can be hard to take the leap from straight needle knitting to figuring out how to work in the round.

However, I also get that it can be hard to find exciting and challenging patterns when you only have straight needles to work with. That’s why I put together this list of Straight Needle Knitting: 30 Easy Patterns. This list gives you a bit more variety than just knit dishcloths [4] or scarf patterns [5]—you can easily make something more substantial!

Straight Needle Knitting Easy Knitting Patterns

From hats to cowls to tops, there’s no limit to what you can make by straight needle knitting. All I ask is that you keep knitting, no matter what method you use!

Knitted Hat Patterns Two Needles

Flat Knit Beginner Knitting Hat [6]

Flat Knit Beginner Knitting Hat

Most often, knit hat patterns [7] are what beginners venture into after mastering the simple stitches. A hat and scarf go together so well as a packaged deal, so it seems like a logical next step from scarves. You get to learn a new skill of knitting or purling stitches together in decreases, and you get a cozy winter necessity. These patterns range in yarn weight [8], stitch pattern, and look, so you might want to make them all!

If you’re a beginner and want more straight needle knitting patterns, check out this great collection of patterns [13]!

Kids and Baby Hat Patterns

Cute and Cuddly Baby Cap [14]

Cute and Cuddly Baby Cap

If instead, you’re looking for a fun gift for a baby or child in your life, these hat patterns are the way to go. I know I love to give a cute little baby hat [15] with an animal applique for the edge when I go to a baby shower, so maybe you will too! These hats can be paired with a kid or baby blanket pattern [16] or can be given by themselves. The preemie hat patterns can also be a good way to give to a hospital or charity.

Knit Cowl Patterns

Cora Cable Knit Cowl [23]

Cora Cable Knit Cowl

Ahh, knit cowls [24]. What lovely items of clothing. They can be in so many different colors and designs and textures, you could make them forever, I think. For these patterns, the length of the cowl is created and then the ends are seamed together. Voila! A cozy cowl that will hug your neck and face.

Check out this free eBook if you want to know How to Knit an Infinity Scarf and make Fashionable Cowl Knitting Patterns [29].

Knit Fingerless Gloves

Emerald Green Handwarmers [30]

Emerald Green Handwarmers

I’ve never really gotten into handwarmers, but some of these knit fingerless gloves patterns [31] may convince me to change my mind! Some are lacy, others are solid. Some look more feminine, others could be made for any one of your friends. They just give you a little more warmth on chilly days without taking away the use of your fingers. They could also be good if you always get cold in air conditioned buildings.

Sweater Knitting and Knit Top Patterns

Beginner Little Black Tank [36]

Beginner Little Black Tank

Who knew that you could make a top or sweater knitting pattern [37] using straight needle knitting? What?? I think that’s awesome. Make one of these patterns and you will really impress your friends and family! ”You made that?” they’ll say. Definitely worth it.

Miscellaneous Easy Knitting Patterns

Holiday Gift Jar Toppers [41]

Holiday Gift Jar Toppers

Finally, some extras that are fun patterns to make with your straight knitting needles. All of these patterns would make nice additions to certain knitted gifts [42], like housewarmings gifts perhaps. Knit these up quick and wrap them up!

For even more straight needle patterns that you’ll love, check out this collection [46]!

I hope you enjoyed finding some new patterns to jazz up your straight needle knitting life! I know many of these have gone onto my must-knit list.

Someday you might find a pattern that inspires you to knit in the round, but for now, you can make so many amazing things on straight needles!

Seriously, just keep knitting and all will be good!

What’s the best thing you’ve ever made on straight needles? Let us know below in the comments!