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Perfectly Understated Palette: Turquoise and Fuchsia


Summer is loud. Kids are running amok, fireworks are going off, music festivals are booming, and people are out. The color palette of summer tends to be quite loud, too, with fiery reds and oranges being the obvious choices.

But even the loudest colors, like the deliciously bold shades of turquoise and fuchsia, can be tamed. Look no further than these beautiful color palettes featuring those bold tones.  You’ll see how you can dial back turquoise and fuchsia to create a mood that’s understated, refined and peaceful. These colors remind me of those quieter summer moments, like taking a long evening walk on a trail, or watching the sun set from a boat.


Both fuchsia and turquoise, combined or separate, make great accents for any crochet pattern. You can balance them out with neutral yarn colors like greys and pale blues, or combine darker shades of both colors for an appetizing effect. See these palettes from Design Seeds [3] for inspiration:

Design Seeds Palette [4]      Design Seeds Palette [5]

Make your projects stand out without being too loud with these patterns from  AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns.com [6].

Turquoise and Fuchsia Patterns:

Turquoise Fuchsia Wheel Square [7]



Fuchsia Patterns:

Pop of Fuchsia Square [11]



Turquoise Patterns:

Turquoise Mosaic Crochet Pattern [15]





What shades inspire you?