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Summer Knits: 24 Free Printable Knitting Patterns for Summer


Summer is a fun time full of new adventures, long days, and a chance to breathe some fresh air.

It’s also a great time to pull out knitting projects to work on in your free time. For me, summer is when I reevaluate where all of my projects are at and try to reorganize my yarn stash. This year, I did pretty well. I even employed Ziploc bags to contain little odds and ends of each color. I now have bags full of cute baby yarn balls that I’ll probably make into a yarn stash pillow or something at a later date.

But for now, I am in love with all of these Summer Knits: 24 Free Printable Patterns for Summer.

Summer Knits: Free Printable Knitting Patterns for Summer

Summer knits make the perfect companions for long road trips or day trips to the lake. Pack yarn and needles in with your other gear, and anytime you have a bit of down-time, these patterns can be a productive way to use it. Relaxing, knitting, and making something great, all at the same time!

And what could be better when you are traveling around the world or lounging all day at the beach than free printable knitting patterns? No need to frantically find wifi when you can’t remember how to knit row eight. Instead, print out a few of these designs before you leave, and you will be set for your day or long trip.

From knit tops to sweaters to baby gear to dishcloths, you will have some great summer stuff when you’re done knitting!


Knit Tops Patterns

Summer Mesh Top [3]

Summer Mesh Top

I feel like I don’t think about knit tops very often. When I think of knit clothing, I think of warm, thick, cuddly sweaters for winter, not airy tops for summer. But there are a lot of them, and they are great! These tops can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your summer outing, or they can be used as cute swimsuit cover-ups. You (and I) should make a knit top!


Sweater Knitting and Shawl Patterns

Mint Fringed Shawl [8]

Mint Fringed Shawl

Of course, it’s not always warm during the summer. Sometimes, you need to have a knit sweater or shawl to take away the bite of a summer breeze. Just the other day, I took a walk and ended up sitting on a bench reading a book after the sun went down. A sweet old man came by and asked how I was surviving without a sweater on. I honestly told him that I didn’t know and wished I had one of these sweaters or shawls stashed in my purse. I need to print myself off some of these free printable knitting patterns!

Check out these links if you want more Summer Sweater Patterns [14] or Knit Cardigans Perfect for Summer [15].


Summer Patterns for Babies

Sweet and Simple Baby Dress [16]

Sweet and Simple Baby Dress

It’s always a good time to make baby patterns. Everything baby is super adorable. These free printable knitting patterns will be perfect additions to your baby’s life or will be great presents for a summer shower. Plus, baby patterns are always smaller than patterns for adults, so they can more easily slip in your bag before you go.



This free eBook on Easy Knitting Patterns for Little Ones [20] will have you knitting up a storm for all the babies in your life!


Miscellaneous Summer Knits

Summer Escape Knit Bag [21]

Summer Escape Knit Bag

Then, of course, there are the things you didn’t think you needed or wanted for summer. These miscellaneous knitting patterns include bags, dishcloths, a blanket, and even a clutch. These are free printable knitting patterns that will be super useful along with being super cute. I, personally, am in love with the Sea Breeze Bag and Summer Escape Knit Bag. They would be great bags for the beach, or to put all of your knitting projects in for on-the-go!


Happy Summer Knitting!

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What patterns are you working on this summer?