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Summer Sweater Patterns: 10 Summer Knits for Every Occasion


Sweater patterns are fun to make because you knit one piece at a time and then see it come together before your eyes. You will always feel a huge sense of accomplishment and pride when you make the final stitch in a knit sweater.

Plus, I’ve found that no matter what the weather, it is always a good idea to have a knit sweater stashed in your bag. You never know when you might be out after dark or when a cool breeze will blow in. And, any time you are near or on the water, it is almost guaranteed to be cooler and breezier.

That’s why I put together this collection of Summer Sweater Patterns. Whatever the occasion, summer knits [3] can come to your rescue. They’re fun to make and fun to wear. And you don’t want your memories of summer fun to be clouded by the memory of how much you were shivering.

Summer Sweater Patterns


I’m pulling out all the stops to find you the sweater pattern you need for your summer plans.

Plus, I included a couple knit tops [4] and shrug patterns [5] because who could resist?!?


1. Effortlessly Elegant Belted Sweater [6]

Effortlessly Elegant Belted Sweater [6]

This sweater pattern is so gorgeous, I feel like you’d see a movie star wearing it on a private island! Every part of this sweater’s design will show off your mad knitting skills [7]—from the beautiful diamond pattern to the striped edging around the neck. And I love that the loose sleeves make it airier. As the picture shows, this sweater is great for chillier days at the beach when, even though it’s a little cooler, you need to feel the sand between your toes. But, you could also wear this pattern for a fancy occasion.



If you have never made sweater patterns, you can get lots of experience with this huge collection of patterns for practice [8]!

2. Heirloom Lace Pullover [9]

Heirloom Lace Pullover [9]

This knit sweater pattern is a bit more casual than the last one. It looks so comfy cozy, but not too warm. Thin, cotton yarn combined with open design really makes it the perfect weight for a summer sweater. The thing I love about this sweater pattern is that the design of the arms and body is broken up by solid stripes of knit fabric, so there’s some interesting variety. Plus, because it is loose, it can slip on over other shirts with no problem.




3. Sea Breeze Sweater Pattern [10]

Sea Breeze Sweater Pattern [10]Of all the sweater patterns, this is my personal favorite. Everything about it is great—the wide neck, the thin stripes, and the lightweight yarn. In fact, this sweater is made out of t-shirt yarn, which is fun to work with and wear. It can look cute to wear in the park with a pair of shorts, or it can be dressed up with nice jeans and some jewelry. This one is on my to-knit list.




4. Summer Sunburst Cardigan [11]

Summer Sunburst Cardigan [11]

I love how the colors pop on this cardigan pattern [12]. Bright colors are so perfect for showing your excitement for summer! And you wouldn’t have to use red and orange, either. You could do blue and yellow or pink and orange or green and blue. The possibilities are truly endless.





5. Ballari Knit Cardigan [13]

Ballari Knit Cardigan [13]While the last knit cardigan pattern was perfect for the sunny weather because of its bright colors, this sweater pattern is perfect because of its lacy edge. When I think of summer, I do think of open, lacy designs that give a little bit of warmth, while still being breathable. Also, I love how lacy patterns come together. The slip stitches and yarn overs make lace patterns [14] cover the same ground in less time. Definitely a bonus.




This link will get you more knit cardigans perfect for summer [15]!

6. Tassel Fringe Blanket Cardigan [16]

Tassel Fringe Blanket Cardigan [16]

If lace doesn’t scream summer to you, maybe fringe will. This cardigan sweater pattern is a bit heavier than the rest, but it makes a good option if you are perpetually cold, or if it’s an abnormally cold day. And the fringe is a fun addition, bringing summer pizzazz to your sweater. And, of course, this sweater could be used in other seasons, so it’s truly great!




7. Ribbed Lace Bolero [17]

Ribbed Lace Bolero [17]

This knit shrug pattern is very simple but super cute. A shrug is really useful when you are wearing a shirt or dress with spaghetti straps, and you want to be a little more covered, but not too much warmer. And this one is great for that since it has very open stripes of lace. If you make this shrug in a neutral color, you can match it with all of your outfits.




For these patterns and more, check out Summer Knits: 26 Summer Sweater Patterns [18]!

8. Satin Sparkle Summer Shawl [19]

Satin Sparkle Summer Shawl [19]

I love, love, love this shawl. Everything about it, from its texture to its design to its openwork to its fringe. Such an easy thing to throw in the car or in your beach bag as a just-in-case. My favorite part is the diagonal rows that switch directions in each section of the shawl, making a great V design. So cute.





9. Sunflower Split Back Tank [20]

Sunflower Split Back Tank [20]

I keep coming back to this fun tank top because it is so simple, but the little details, like the ribbed edge, put it on another level. It looks like a sweater, but the short sleeves and split back make it breathable. Plus, you could wear it as a shirt or as a swimsuit cover-up.





10. Fifty Shades of Linen Top [21]

Fifty Shades of Linen Top [21]

This loose knit top is another light layer to throw on over your swimsuit or tank top. I love how fun the colors are in this top, and how it can go with nearly everything. Definitely one to make!






I’m always looking for great summer knits, so Free Knitting Patterns for the Seaside [22] and Beach Approved Summer Knit Patterns [23] were right up my alley!


I hope this post has helped you find your next knitting project. I know I want to make them all! Ah, if only time and money were unlimited…


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Happy Knitting!