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Super Stashbusters: 18 Easy Knitting Patterns


The year is almost over, and your knitting supplies have been accumulating over the past twelve months. All those free samples from various craft shows, that leftover half skein of yarn from a questionable bikini top, and that tiny bit of wonderful wool from your favorite alpaca farm. Forget about organized – your yarn bin is a gnarled mess of tangled fibers. For some reason, you can only find one of each needle. Your craft room is more of a jungle than a place of creative growth and relaxation. What happened? Somewhere in between January and December your knitting paradise turned into a yarn scrap junkyard.

Don’t despair. There is a way out of this tangled, fiber-filled mess. We’ve combed through AllFreeKnitting [3] for our most powerful scrap eating patterns.  These stashbusting projects [4] are sure to clean out your yarn bins and clear off your shelves. Among the selection of super stashbusters are easy knitting patterns [5] for little ones and knits to decorate your home [6]. Knit a few of the jewelry pieces [7] and watch that silk and cashmere blend vanish. Any one of these free knitting patterns will help make a dent in that yarn-filled pit of despair you call a knitting closet.

Super Stashbusters: 18 Easy Knitting Patterns [5]

So let’s raise our needles to the yarn we used in 2013. It kept our fingers busy and our bodies warm. The New Near brings new opportunities for even more sumptuous fibers and delectable color ways. Let’s cheers to the endless possibilities of next year’s yarn stash. May it stay forever tidy and organized.

Cold Weather Knits

These easy cold weather knitting patterns will keep you warm even on the chilliest of nights. Your closet is sure to sparkle and shine with organization and cleanliness, and your paltry shelves will be begging for something to hold. So what will you put on those freshly cleared shelves? That’s right. More yarn.

13 Easy Knitting Projects to Dash Your Stash [4]

Tootsie Roll Baby Socks [8]
Pretty Plum Headband [9]
Simple Stashbuster Mittens [10]
Rainbow Stashbuster Afghan [11]
Wild West Ribbed Boot Cuffs [12]
Spirited Stripes Hat [13]
Shifting Colors Dishcloth Scarf [14]
Weekend Stashbuster Afghan [15]

Easy Knit Gifts

Kill two birds with one stone and make Christmas gifts for everyone on your list while cleaning out your closet. These quick gifts take almost no time at all to complete, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give a unique handmade gift this holiday.

13 Easy Knitting Projects to Dash Your Stash [4]

Urban Chic Tassel Necklace [16]
Nightcap Bottle Toppers [17]
Romantic Ruched Sleep Mask [18]
Awesome Ampersand Wall Decoration [19]
Cabled Pine Wine Stopper [20]
Tiny Tim’s Tiny Stockings [21]
Cabled Pocket Cozy [22]
Easy Stacking Bangles [23]
Baby’s First Football [24]
Cute Coin Purse [25]


pilepotential [26]


Will you be knitting any of these stashbusting patterns?