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Teaching Kids to Knit: 5 Patterns for Beginners


Teaching-Kids-to-Knit400 [3]One of the great things about summer vacation for kids is that they have a lot of time to explore topics they might not bump into in a classroom.  If you’ve got a few rather rambunctious kids running around the house, this summer might actually be the perfect time to teach them to knit [4].  Knitting is a great way to bond with youngsters, especially if they’ve expressed an interest in your wooly activities in the past.  Teaching kids to knit is a fun, positive experience.   Here are a few tips to keep you and your eager new knitter motivated and happy:


If you’re not sure what patterns would be suitable for a beginner, try out one of these basic knitting patterns.Easy Cozy Cowl

First Scarf Tutorial [5] – Complete with extensive step-out photos, this is a great place for beginners to start.  It doesn’t get much easier than a straightforward garter stitch scarf.

Super Stockinette Dishcloth [6] – Introduce your pupil to the purl stitch with the stockinette stitch.  Young knitters can quickly finish this dishcloth and move on to more challenging projects.

Easy Cozy Cowl [7] – Make a cute, cozy cowl with this basic pattern.  Little more than a garter stitch scarf sewed end-to-end, this is a quick project that will satisfy new knitters.

Beginner Basketweave Dishcloth [8] – The basketweave pattern will help new knitters learn the difference between the knit and purl stitches.  The small size of this project is perfect for those who want a quick project.

Lucky Scarf [9] – Once your student has learned knit and purl stitches, the basic rib pattern of this scarf is a great way to practice.


Do you have any advice for teaching new knitters?