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Uniquely Yours: Textured Scarves to Turn You Diva


Knit and crochet scarves [3] are not only simple to work up, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to the design, color, and texture that you can create. Your creativity can take you far when you look at things in a different light. Using the same pattern with different types of yarns can give you a whole new look. All the scarves listed below have unique textures to them, which will instantly turn you into a diva. Whether you’re looking to show off your style in the heat of the summer or in the dead of winter, these knit scarves [4] and crochet scarves are certainly one of a kind.

Uniquely Yours: Fabulous Textured Scarves [5]

Textured Knit Scarves

Free knitting patterns are great when you can use them to make knit scarves. These free knitting patterns for scarves will have you bundled up for the cold winter season and fashionable for the summer season.

  1. Two Hour Princess Scarf [6]
  2. Spring Lace Infinity Scarf  [7]
  3. Silver Symphony Scarf [8]
  4. Openwork Infinity Scarf  [9]
  5. Two Ball Twirly Scarf [10]
  6. Lucky Scarf [11]
  7. Popcorn Scarf [12]

Textured Crochet Scarves

Scarves are a fabulous accessory all year round. Learn how to crochet a scarf for winter, spring, summer or fall with these simple crochet scarf patterns.

  1. Children’s Hand Chain Scarf [13]
  2. Sweet Pea Ruffle Scarf [5]
  3. Useful Cross Stitch Scarf  [14]
  4. Manly Weave Scarf [15]
  5. Ruffling New Year’s Eve Scarf [16]
  6. Around Campus Crochet Scarf [16]
  7. Granny Stripe Crochet Scarf [17]
  8. Bumpy Popcorn Crochet Scarf [18]

We’re certainly not going to stop there! Here are other fabulous scarf collections you might enjoy:

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What types of scarves have you worked up?