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Revolutionary “Tipping Points” Knitting Needles Offer The Only Interchangeable Tips On the Market


Once in a while at the AllFreeKnitting headquarters [3], we’re lucky enough to test revolutionary knitting products, like Coats & Clark’s [4] latest release: Tipping Points.  Tipping Points [5] is the innovative new knitting needle that offers the only interchangeable tip on the market.  That’s right; you won’t see this feature available anywhere else.  And with their sleek packaging and vibrant color selection, it’s hard not to take notice.  Take a look:

Tipping Points [5]

Susan Bates Tipping Points Knitting Needles

The more I read about Susan Bates’ Tipping Points [5], the more eager I was to give them a try for myself — and I wanted to find out what they were used for.  After all, if this was a new feature that no other company had thought of before, it had the potential to be huge.

Essentially, Tipping Points is aimed at making the life of avid knitters much easier.  No matter which needle size you Tipping Point tips [5]purchase (current options include U.S. sizes 4-10.5), your new needle will come with three interchangeable tips, locking key and needle gripper.  Marketed as “the only set of knitting needles you’ll ever need,” Tipping Points are designed with unique needle shafts which allow the knitter to choose between three distinct tip profiles: Blunt, Medium and Sharp.

3 Unique Point Profiles

Depending on the type of project you’re working on, a simple change of needle tips can transform the experience from frustrating to fulfilling.  If you frequently work with loosely spun, art yarns, the Blunt tip is a great choice.  For all-purpose everyday projects, the Medium is the best option, while the Sharp tip makes lace knitting [6] and cable work simpler and faster, minimizing the stress that results from such intricate projects.

Sizes for Tipping Points [7]

For visual learners (like myself), Red Heart has posted an information video demonstrating how simple these tips are to use.  Check it out below, if you’re interested in finding out more information.


What do you think about interchangeable tips knitting needles?  Would you use them?