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Twelve Crochet Christmas Carol Patterns


First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Crocheters, it’s the best time of year for fun, laughter, food, family, and, you guessed it, crochet patterns. I bet that you are sitting at home with the kids right now, trying to figure out how to cook for all 23 people in your family. Why not take a break with some fun Christmas crochet patterns [3]?


The food can wait, and so can the dishes. Give yourself some time to relax because, after all, it should be a time to celebrate and take a break. Schools all get weeks and weeks off, so you can’t tell me that you don’t have a few hours to figure out which crochet Christmas patterns [3] below are your favorites.

In fact, all of these crochet patterns are modeled after one of the most classic and timeless songs around, the 12 Days of Christmas. Everyone recognizes the tune and sings along, even if they can’t keep all the verses straight. (Who can, really?) Click through to find your favorites, or just try them all as you listen to some Christmas tunes and do your best to sing along.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree [5]

Two Turtle Doves [6]

Three French Hens [7]

Four Calling Birds [8]

Five Golden Rings [9]

Six Geese a Laying [10]

Seven Swans a Swimming [11]

Eight Maids a Milking [12]

Nine Ladies Dancing [13]

Ten Lords a Leaping [14]

Eleven Pipers Piping [15]

Twelve Drummers Drumming [16]

Which crochet verse is your favorite pattern?