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Video Tutorial: Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off


One of the most satisfying parts of knitting is the bind off [3]. You’ve come close to the end of your project. It actually looks like something and you love it! Now all you have to do is get it off of the needles. It’s time to sever the bond between the yarn ball and your material.

There are a number of different ways you can bind off a project, but it’s always good to take into consideration just what you have finished. Some items call for a tight bind off while others need to be able to stretch a bit. This tutorial from ChemKnits shows you how to create stretchy bind off. Use reverse yarn overs with your bind off. The yarn overs give the knit material a little bit of a stretch.

Who would’ve thought? Thankfully, Rebecca Roush from ChemKnits [4] did. You can find her video and others helpful ones on AllFreeKnitting [5].

What other helpful bind of tips and techniques do you know?