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10 Unique Ways to Join Granny Squares

This post was written by Lauren Brown [3]. Please connect with Lauren on Facebook [4] and Pinterest [5].

Ways to Join Granny Squares [6]

Often the most daunting task of a granny square quilt is piecing all of the beautiful motifs together. You wonder which method you should use, how long it’s going to take, and if you’ll ever get it done. If you get to this point, just press on! You’re just about there, and you’ll be so happy you did when you have your beautiful afghan to snuggle up with on cool evenings.
Here is a collection of 10 unique ways to join granny squares.
Celtic Lace Join from Baby Love Brand [7]Such a unique and beautiful method. Everything looks seamless and airy.
Whip Stitch Join from Bunny Mummy. [8] This post details how to sew your squares together using a tapestry needle. Instructions for weaving ends neatly are also included.
Join As You Go Method from Petals to Picots. [9] Don’t want to sew squares together? This method’s for you. Join squares as you make the final round of each one.
Slip Stitch Join from Attic 24. [10] Slip stitching squares together is another option. This will leave you with a slight ridge on the underside of your project, but the top looks beautiful and flat.
Lattice Join Method from Carina’s Craft Blog. [11] This is a very detailed post with lots of pictures. This method adds “rows of granny” between your squares.
Five More Great Methods: 
Invisible Stitch Join from Do You Mind if I Knit? [12] 

Invisible Stitch [6]
Completely Flat Zipper Method from Look At What I Made [13]
Flat Zipper Method [6]
Flat Braid Join from Gourmet Crochet [14]
Flat Braid Join [6]
Single Crochet Join from About Crochet [15] 

Single Crochet Join [6]
How to Join Solid Granny Squares from Repeat Crafter Me [16] 

Solid Granny [6]
Which is your go-to method? Do you have another way you prefer?