Condo Knitting? 

What is

Condo knitting is a vintage style of knitting.

(It is your mom's knitting style.)

It was first popular in the 1970s and 1980s.

uses two different sizes of knitting needles to achieve a lacey finished fabric. One needle is the correct size for the yarn weight, and the other is much larger.

See examples of condo knitting

Condo knitting

Easy  Condo Knit Scarf

Larger Knitting Needle

Correct Size Knitting Needle

How to Condo Knit

Using any cast on method, cast on any number of stitches onto the smaller needle.


How to Condo Knit

Using the larger needle, knit across, off the smaller needle.


How to Condo Knit

Turn your work and knit across, off the larger needle.


Repeat steps 2-3 until your project is complete. Bind off.

Non-fitted patterns that can vary in size work best, like shawls or scarves. Just knit until the garment is the size you want.

You can knit many patterns in the condo knitting style.