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Yarn & Technology: Working Together


While the internet is awesome for finding new patterns [3] and free patterns for crochet and knit projects [4], it can be easy to look over some really nifty things. What if you could plan out your variegated yarn before you start your project? What if you could make a pattern from a photo?

Good news – you can! All with just a few clicks around the world wide web. Get ready, because these tools are a lot of fun!

Planned Pooling [5] – Variegated yarn is great for a lot of projects, but did you know you could plan when the yarn color changes? Yes, it’s true and you can check it out for yourself to see just how this tool works. Basically, you do a gauge swatch with your variegated yarn and see how many stitches appear in each color. The, using the app, you can essentially plan out how the entire piece will look based on the number of stitches across and the amount of colors. Though the examples are knitting, I have seen this done in crochet by using this tool. Here is an example as seen on Planned Pooling [6]:

planned-pooling [6]

Stitchboard [7] – If you’ve ever crocheted an afghan from a chart [8] before, you already know how charts work and how awesome the results look. If you want to know how to make your own chart, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s say you have a pretty picture, a logo, or even a quote that you want to crochet. While you can always cross-stitch your design on top of an afghan, Stitchboard will help you create a chart with your image. Sounds awesome, right? I decided to give it a go myself and try out this tool with AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns text  to see how it looks.

Here’s the image I created:

AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns [9]

And here’s the chart:

pattern [7]

Totally cool, right?! This tool [7] can make charts for cross-stitch, knitting, and even beading. The possibilities are endless!

Which yarn technology tool will you try first?