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You Knit It: Now Learn How to Wear A Shawl

Now that you have spent countless hours finishing that beautiful knit shawl pattern [3], you are going to want to wear it. Once you’ve made a cute shawl, you might wonder how you’ll keep it on all day. After all, nothing is worse than putting something on in the morning and not being able to keep it in place. I thought we could talk about some of the most common, and stylish, ways to wear a shawl. So grab your favorite knit wearable, and learn how to wear a shawl with me. Whether you need learn how to wear a spring knit shawl [4] or a cozy knit winter shawl [5], you can use any of these great techniques.
how to wear a shawl [6]

Shawl Styling Tips:


One of the easiest ways to wear a shawl is to drape it over your shoulders and tie the front corners in a beautiful knot.  Take the time to play with how you knot your ends.  The possibilities are endless.  You can leave the knot in the center, or bring it to one side for a more trendy appeal.

Wanderlust-Lace-Shawl_Medium_ID-716234 [7]
Sparkleberry-Shawl [8]
8-Hour-Lace-Shawl_Medium_ID-703457 [9]
Wanderlust Lace Shawl [7]Sparkleberry Shawl [8]8 Hour Lace Shawl [9]


Draping the shawl around the shoulders or arms is the easiest way to wear a shawl.  It’s casual and the perfect way to keep the chill off, whether you are walking along the beach or sitting in the office.

marigold-lace-shawl_Medium_ID-659660 [10]
Diamonds-Sparkle-Shawl--1--_Medium_ID-723901 [11]
Texture-Stitch-Wrap_Medium_ID-723811 [12]
Marigold Lace Shawl [10]Diamonds Sparkle Wrap [11]Texture Stitch Wrap [12]

Faux Cowl / Kerchief style:

This is the perfect style to try with those smaller knit triangle shawls [6]and long skinny wraps.  Simply bring the corners together around your neck and tuck away the ends. Whether you choose to wear it asymmetrically or not is the only question.  You can also experiment with wrapping the ends around the shawl to create a style more like a skinnier scarf around your neck.

Southern-Sky-Easy-Knit-Shawl_Large400_ID-871362 [13]
Grand-Canyon-Sunset-Shawl_Large400_ID-863384 [14]
Easy-Striped-Kerchief-Shawl_Medium_ID-747356 [15]
Southern Sky Easy Knit Shawl [13]Grand Canyon Sunset Shawl [14]Easy Striped Kerchief Shawl [15]

Pinned (front, shoulder, asymmetrical):

There are countless ways to pin a shawl.  I love shawl pin shopping, but some of my favorite pins are actually just the random DPNs I always have sitting around.  If you have some old brooches around the house, these work great as well.  Whether you pin directly in the center, off to one shoulder or slightly asymmetrically, using a shawl pin is a beautifully stylish to keep your shawl in place.

santa-fe-wrap_Medium_ID-659667 [16]
Shimmering-Rose-Bolero_Medium_ID-703617 [17]
Paint-Palette-Shawl_Medium_ID-659614 [18]
Santa Fe Wrap [16]Shimmering Rose Shawl [17]Paint Palette Shawl [18]

Tell us! How do you wear your knit shawls?